Alionova Consulting

AI and Datafication Experts

About Us

Alionova Consulting is a private limited company incorporated in Singapore that designs and builds digital business applications and analytics processes using cutting-edge AI technologies, and best practice data management techniques.

As a group of highly experienced former executives, entrepreneurs, and technologists from financial services and other industries, we understand what it takes to deliver quantum leaps in quality and productivity, customer experience, and sustainable value creation from investments in leading-edge technologies.

Our in-house team is complemented with a vibrant ecosystem of specialist partners. Together, we work in a highly collaborative and flexible way with client teams to drive innovation, deliver quickly, and capture value.

Know-how transfer and client capability development are core elements of our approach, whether we are delivering turnkey or co-invented solutions. We support cross-training and up-skilling for employees company-wide, as well as the recruitment, capability-building, development and retention of ‘Digital Talent’.

Dr Murphy Choy, CEO